Dear Client,

- You can withdraw the balance of funds from your personal account only after half a year. After replenishing the balance, you can order the service, if the order is canceled, you can order another service in the future, or you can order the same service again later.

– If the order is processed through the system/API, it cannot be canceled as they are automatically processed by the supplier. You can only cancel the order manually, which is processed by the administrator himself

- Make sure you enter the correct IMEI/Serial before ordering. If entered incorrectly, funds will not be returned

– In some cases there may be delays when ordering through the API, it depends on the supplier, please be patient

- If you have ordered the same service from another provider and he has provided the service sooner, the payment for the ordered service will not be refunded. Order with one provider

- Funds will not be returned in case of repeated blocking. Remember your login and passwords after unlocking and don't share them with anyone

Please follow the rules be safe

- Please do not share the prices we give you with others. If we find out, we will block you.

-If you have money in your account, it will be blocked. Follow the rules.

-Prices will appear in your account after you register. You must be logged in to view prices

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